Lauren Tenney, PhD, MPhi, MPA, Psychiatric Survivor
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(516) 319-4295

This website is a collection place for efforts I have taken over the years.

I am a psychiatric survivor.

I am an environmental psychologist.

 I am also an activist, artist, author, and academic.

I have been an adjunct professor and researcher for a decade.

I continue to look for a full-time academic-home.


I have an anti-psychiatry, pro-human rights framework.

I have been working to abolish psychiatry for more than two decades.

I have overcome many obstacles in life, including escaping psychiatry.

I have done things people said were impossible to do.

I continue to try to do more.

I am not unique.

I can show you techniques I have used to accomplish my goals.

These strategies will work for you, too.


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If you have questions about this site, please contact me at (516) 319-4295