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Environmental Psychologist/Social Scientist

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Our individual and collective environments matter.

Whatever the individual environments  and their context that we are each born into, and then are surrounded by throughout our lives, we continually have the capacity to grow and develop, regardless of our age. 

The historical contexts that collectives share, of which any individual is but a part, are also of urgent importance to understanding how we as individuals develop our archtypes.

Archetypes are a shorthand for our brutally honest understanding about how we think our ideal job, or friend, or partner, or lover, or family member, or anything we can imagine, ought to be toward us, for us, or not having anything to do with us at all. 

Whether we realize it or not, and especially if we intellectually 'know', we often have to remind ourselves that these archetypes, that we, ourselves, each have created and constructed from our earliest moments of existence, are at the root of many of the struggles we experience.

We, ourselves, have created our entirely individualized archetypes. 

These archetypes hold secrets about how we truly expect our lives to be and why we are not satisfied.

Uncovering how we subconsciously sabatoge ourselves by trying to replicate unrealistic archetypes in our physical and psychological environments exposes the places we experience disapointment, infuriated rage,

abandonment and loss, and feel unloved, or other negative experiences.It is our own expectations, which may not even be aware of, that we are responding to when they are not met. 

A key to freeing ourselves from the often irrational moments that led to the development of our archetypes in the first place is discovering in what ways we construct our environments to try to allow for these faulty ideas.

Even when we try to make things look new and beautiful, someone or something can come in and smash it all up. I have spent decades trying to understand how by controlling our environments we can control the way our future life is experienced.

I have special talents for organizing cluttered and hoarded spaces, creating environmental inventories, and archiving personal papers.

I understand what it is like to hold on to too much and not know how to let things go.  Through my own efforts of getting rid of what I don't want in my own life, I have developed some techniques that have helped me release things that no longer (or never) served my higher puproses. 

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--Lauren J. Tenney, PhD, MPhil, MPA, BPS